Handy guide to eating left-overs

6 09 2010

Monday 6th September sees the start of the third national “Zero Waste Week”, and just like our dear friend Mrs Green of MyZeroWaste we at VegBox Recipes and Ooffoo plan to give it our full support.

This year’s theme is ‘Cooking for Victory’ in response to WRAPS “household Food and Drink Waste in the UK” report. The report shows we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year. Most of this is avoidable and could have been eaten if we had planned, stored and managed it better. This amount of food waste costs the average family in Britain £50 per month. And in these economic times, that’s £50 per month few of us can spare. What could you do with that £600 you’d save in a year? And if that’s only the average, then some of us are wasting a whole lot more than that…

We have made our own pledge, to publish this “handy guide to eating left-overs”, which we really hope you’ll:

1) find useful,

and, more importantly,

2) add your own ideas to, using the Comments field down there.

Alternatively, rather than adding your ideas here, why not add them to Mrs G’s website and put yourself in the running to win one of the two great prizes that she has up for grabs: a £50 LUSH voucher and £50 Natural Collection voucher!

Click through for the “Handy Guide to Eating Left-overs


In Season in May

3 05 2010

in season in may

This year May brings the start of the Well-Dressing Season, May Day (May 1st), two Bank Holidays (May 3rd and 31st), one General Election (May 6th)!, British Sandwich Week (1) (May 16th – 23rd), Be Nice to Nettles Week (19th – 30th May), and even Cheese Rolling in the Gloucestershire hills (May 31st).

It also, of course, brings fruit and vegetables from all our lovely growers around the country.

Click through for a look at the list of seasonal veggies which May offers.

British Sandwich Week 2010 – The VegBox Recipes Round of Sandwiches

17 04 2010

Enter the VB "Sandwich-Off"...

May 9th-15th is British Sandwich Week.

So in anticipation and celebration of the Great British Sandwich, we’re kicking off another VegBox Recipes Round of Sandwiches…

Read on to find out how it works and for recipes to get the juices flowing:

Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday, and Pancakes

31 01 2010

Love Struck, Lonely or In Need Of Pancakes?

Both Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) and Valentines Day are coming, and it wouldn’t do to leave you seasonally unprepared!

Click through for more about the traditions of Lent, gift ideas for V-Day, and of course and most importantly, for some recipes, namely:

  • Classic English Pancakes with Rhubarb Compote or “Love-Struck” Pear Ice-Cream
  • Savoury Winter Veg Pancake Cannellonis
  • Pancakes with Blue Cheese Sauce

Green Hallowe’en!

25 09 2009

To help you have a greener Hallowe’en, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to try. Whatever other scary footprints we may find on the garden path this October 31st, none of them need to be carbon ones!

Click through for tips on:

  • creepy costumes
  • horrifying house decoration
  • treacherous trick or treating, and
  • paranormal party food ideas (eyeballs, mummy heads, amputated fingers and more!)

all designed to cut the plastic, the excess sugar and those Evil Emissions! (Mu-hah-hah-hah-hah-haahhhh!)

National Vegetarian Week: Top 10 Vegetarian Soups

18 05 2009
whats your favourite veggie soup?

what's your favourite veggie soup?

18th – 24th May is National Vegetarian Week 2009, and in celebration, we bring you our take on a “Top 10 Vegetarian Soups” hit parade!

What would be in your Top 10?