Handy guide to eating left-overs

6 09 2010

Monday 6th September sees the start of the third national “Zero Waste Week”, and just like our dear friend Mrs Green of MyZeroWaste we at VegBox Recipes and Ooffoo plan to give it our full support.

This year’s theme is ‘Cooking for Victory’ in response to WRAPS “household Food and Drink Waste in the UK” report. The report shows we throw away 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year. Most of this is avoidable and could have been eaten if we had planned, stored and managed it better. This amount of food waste costs the average family in Britain £50 per month. And in these economic times, that’s £50 per month few of us can spare. What could you do with that £600 you’d save in a year? And if that’s only the average, then some of us are wasting a whole lot more than that…

We have made our own pledge, to publish this “handy guide to eating left-overs”, which we really hope you’ll:

1) find useful,

and, more importantly,

2) add your own ideas to, using the Comments field down there.

Alternatively, rather than adding your ideas here, why not add them to Mrs G’s website and put yourself in the running to win one of the two great prizes that she has up for grabs: a £50 LUSH voucher and £50 Natural Collection voucher!

Click through for the “Handy Guide to Eating Left-overs


Meat-eater, Vegetarian or Vegan, right? Wrong!

23 08 2010

what are your food ethics?

There’s a risk that, when explaining you’re a (for instance) seasonally-focused, raw food, lacto-non-ovo-vegetarian, you’re going to get the kinds of raised eyebrows you see in certain coffee shops when someone at the front orders a tall, skinny, dry, double shot, extra hot, soya, vanilla cappuccino.

So which ethical food camps are there, which one are you in and why?  Find out.

Food-in-the-Spotlight: Ethically-sourced Chicken

19 07 2010

would you eat them?

Following on from the June feature on ethical egg shopping, this month we’ve collaborated with the good folks over at Farm-Direct to bring you some thoughts about the chickens behind the eggs.

Since the start of VegBox Recipes, we’ve been focused almost exclusively (and unsurprisingly!) on supporting you to eat local, seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables.

However, not all of our readers are strict vegetarians or vegans. So whilst it’s still true that one of the best ways of reducing your household carbon footprint is to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, if we’re going to eat meat, poultry and fish, or cook it for others, the natural choice would seem to be swapping quantity (especially ‘worryingly cheap’ quantity), for quality.

Read on to find out how to know what you’re eating, and for recipes to try with your ethically-sourced chicken.

** thanks to our regular reader, Steve-in-KL, for the photo of his “ladies”!

Growing Our Own Veggies – April Checklist

29 03 2010

time to get outdoors in the April showers

Are you feeling it too? A certain … What’s it called? Oh yes! WARMTH!

Please don’t let us jinx it, but it does seem just ever so slightly like scarves are optional.

Which could also mean starting to plant out into the ground or tubs, especially if you’ve been warming your soil with fleece or plastic… However, be warned that the official last frost date for this year, and this is for the South of England, is not until late April, so best to keep an eye on the forecast.

Here’s your veggie growing guide for April.

Growing Our Own Veggies – March Checklist

22 02 2010

March checklist for growers

The most important tip for March is that, although it may officially bring the commencement of British Summer Time, there is no actual guarantee on the weather, so be realistic about any ground you’re thinking of planting into and focus on cultivating patience if it stays cold. A good guide to whether to sow is whether the grass in your garden or the local park has started growing.

Here’s the low down on what to sow in March, where to sow it, and what other preparations you can take care of.

PLUS – we’re looking for a guest potato grower to contribute monthly to the blog, so if that could be you, get in touch by sending us an email – info[at]vegbox-recipes.co.uk.

Eco Christmas Drinks

21 11 2009

make mine organic!

Despite our reputation here at VegBox, you can rest easy – we’re not about to suggest that the only way to enjoy a tipple this Christmas is by making your own potcheen!

Because fortunately for us these days there are enough ethical suppliers around that it is relatively easy to source organic and even local plonk.

We wanted to share a few inspiring choices with you, but don’t forget to check out your local farmers market or to call your veg box supplier and ask them if they can deliver what you’re after or else make a recommendation.

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