Getting Clucky

31 08 2008

The boys and I are thinking of getting some chickens – the egg-laying variety. Three or four, to be precise.

And I was wondering whether we’re mad or not?!

Getting Clucky - time for hens?

Getting Clucky - time for hens?

The thing is, for years, I’ve wanted to know where our eggs come from. Even buying free-range, organic eggs, I still want to know how the chickens were raised and whether they’re happy or not. Yes, Pollyanna, here I come…

I’ve spent a couple of months doing my homework and I reckon we can manage the commitment of having hens – as long as the landlord and our neighbours agree. We’ve got the space for them to roam during the day and I’ve been learning about supposed fox-proof chicken runs.

I keep hearing scare stories about mink who were released from a local mink farm last summer, who munch your hens as soon as look at them and it doesn’t matter whether you’re rurual or urban these days, there are plenty of foxes. So I know keeping them safe will be a challenge.

But despite all that, I think I’m up for it.

I’d love to know whether any of you have hens? Or opinions on the subject? Any advice? Thoughts? Suggestions? Things you wish you had known?!

If we decide to go ahead, then this will be the place to follow the Hen House Diaries. So watch this space.

And please do share via the comments!


Clare x