Growing Our Own Veggies: October Checklist

8 10 2010

october checklist

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey …” so make sure you’ve got a rain butt and some sacks for making leaf mold (see last year’s November feature for more on using fallen leaves), we say!

And dig out your woolly hat and an anorak, because there’s still plenty of outdoors exercise to be had if you’re an aspiring Grow Your Own-er.

And for the times when you’re cosied up indoors under the blankets (have you managed to keep the heating off so far?), there’s always planning for next year to do, and seed ordering. Remember to think about crop rotation (here’s the link again to the crop rotation “how to” over on The Gardeners Calendar.

Here’s your handy monthly checklist…


Growing Our Own Veggies: September Checklist

10 09 2010

in season in september

September heralds the end of Summer and the start of Autumn. To be “precise” – September 23rd is the autumnal equinox this year, when the North pole begins its tilt away from the sun and the nights begin to be longer than the days.

We are definitely in harvest time now, as you’ll know if you have children in schools that celebrate the Harvest Festival. There’s also a fair bit of maintenance that can be done in the vegetable garden. But there’s very little sowing to be done now until next year.

Here’s the run down.

Growing Our Own Veggies: August Checklist

25 08 2010

august to do list

As we hit the height of Summer and the soil is at its driest, do keep everything regularly (not sporadically) watered, using water from rain butts whereever you can. Many gardeners use “grey” water for watering, ie from baths and doing the washing up, although our jury is out on the advisability of that when you’re going to eat what you water…

Here’s the usual run down on sowing, planting out, maintenance and harvesting for August.

Growing Our Own Veggies: July Checklist

16 07 2010

july growing checklist

The essentials this month are

  1. keeping back the weeds,
  2. regular early morning or late evening watering, and
  3. ‘stopping’ your tomatoes and climbing beans.

There are also still seeds to be sown, especially if you are planning on being able to harvest your own food later on in the year, as well as armfuls of produce to start bringing in and trying out our recipes with.

Click through for the full July checklist.

Growing Our Own Veggies – June Checklist

28 05 2010

june checklist

Half way through the year?! Already?! Is it too late to get started growing?!

We say not.

There is plenty that you can still sow, so if June is your month for having a go, let us help you with this checklist. And if you’re already well on the way, there are sections on planting out, maintenance and harvest too.

Click through for the full June checklist.

Growing Our Own Veggies: May Checklist

3 05 2010

growing our own in may

As the last Spring frost was calculated to be late April for Southern UK, this SHOULD mean that your precious seeds and seedlings are safer outdoors now. It’s starting to get busy for food growers, but there’s no need to be daunted, and remember if you’re new to it, keep it simple – less will be more if you want to sustain your motivation. Remember, year one is more about learning and growing in confidence than it is about reaping an entirely self sufficient harvest.

Here’s our checklist for May.

Growing Our Own Veggies – April Checklist

29 03 2010

time to get outdoors in the April showers

Are you feeling it too? A certain … What’s it called? Oh yes! WARMTH!

Please don’t let us jinx it, but it does seem just ever so slightly like scarves are optional.

Which could also mean starting to plant out into the ground or tubs, especially if you’ve been warming your soil with fleece or plastic… However, be warned that the official last frost date for this year, and this is for the South of England, is not until late April, so best to keep an eye on the forecast.

Here’s your veggie growing guide for April.