September’s Fruit And Vegetables Reminder

7 09 2009
back-to-school blackberries

back-to-school blackberries

Hello and happy September from VegBox Recipes.

Click through for the full list of what’s in season, and for the special features we’ve written and recipes we’ve posted for you on beetroot, blackberries, Bramley apples, carrots, celeriac and sweetcorn.

What are you looking foward to cooking and eating this month?


British Food Fortnight: Making Plans

21 08 2009
your invitation

your invitation

Since its launch, the British Food Fortnight (19th September – 4th October) has quickly become the definitive national celebration of our regional foods and drinks and the health benefits and pleasures of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and regionally distinct produce.

Here at VegBox, where we try to make every fortnight’s food as British and as local as possible, we’re more than ready to join in the festivities, and we’re wondering whether you’d like to take part too.

Amongst the acres of brilliant information on the Love British Food website, there is a list of “14 things you can do”. And that’s our kind of list!

Here are our favourites.

September’s First Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Blackberries

11 08 2009

Blackberries are in season from late August into October. They are best used as soon as possible after picking. Luckily they freeze well, so you can enjoy them for longer. Click through for blackberry cake and blackberry iced tea recipes, for picking and freezing guidelines and to find out how blackberries and romance are inextricably linked, at least for me!

Scrumping Greengages and Stewing Them

31 07 2009
little green beauties

little green beauties

Earlier in the week we mentioned that there was a greengage tree in our neighbourhood (which used to be an old orchard, apparently), and that we had no idea about greengages. Thanks to you, radiant readers, we weren’t left in the dark for long. Find out what happened when we scrumped and stewed.

July’s Fourth Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Runner Beans

15 06 2009

Late summer and early autumn are the classic “runner bean season”, although harvesting can start as early as June in some areas.

what to do with runner beans?

what to do with runner beans?

The season starts with fresh, young beans, with delicious, soft pods that simply need to be topped and tailed and briefly steamed. The season ends, however, with rather tough, stringy pods and oversized beans.

Chances are you’ll love your runner beans early in the season but might not be quite so keen by the end. Which is why we’ve recruited the talents of regular VBR reader, Steve in KL, to provide us with a solution for end-of-season bean fatigue ūüėČ Read on.

July’s Second Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Cucumber

9 06 2009
DIY Tsatsiki...

DIY Tsatsiki...

Pretty much every weekday morning right now I’m mindlessly chunking up cucumber and throwing it into the box with salad leaves, peppers, spring onions, cashews, and mushrooms for VegBox Husband’s lunch. Add a bit of black pepper, a splash of balsamic or even a tin of tuna and some mayo and I can be pretty sure I’ve saved him from the pot noodle for another day!

But is there more to cucumber than salad? Is there more to cucumber even than tsatsiki? Cucumber side effects? And is it possible that it can be cooked?!

Hrm … Read on!

July’s First Veggie in the Spotlight: Tenderstem Broccoli

1 06 2009
a new veggie?

a "new" veggie?

We were recently contacted by the marketers of Tenderstem¬ģ broccoli. And I have to confess that I had never heard of it!

It turns out that Tenderstem¬ģ broccoli has its origins in Japan where it was developed using classical plant breeding techniques. The idea was to breed a more flavoursome Brassica by crossing Broccoli and Chinese Kale.

I’m told that British crops of this veggie are mostly grown in Kent and Jersey, and its season runs from June through to December.

Read on to find out how to buy, store and prepare this “new” veggie on the chopping block, and to access the brand new recipe for Barbecued Tenderstem with Melting Goats Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Dressing, created by TV chef and food writer Jo Pratt and provided for us to use by the UK marketers of Tenderstem broccoli.