Growing Our Own Veggies: August Checklist

25 08 2010

august to do list

As we hit the height of Summer and the soil is at its driest, do keep everything regularly (not sporadically) watered, using water from rain butts whereever you can. Many gardeners use “grey” water for watering, ie from baths and doing the washing up, although our jury is out on the advisability of that when you’re going to eat what you water…

Here’s the usual run down on sowing, planting out, maintenance and harvesting for August.


Growing Our Own Veggies – June Checklist

28 05 2010

june checklist

Half way through the year?! Already?! Is it too late to get started growing?!

We say not.

There is plenty that you can still sow, so if June is your month for having a go, let us help you with this checklist. And if you’re already well on the way, there are sections on planting out, maintenance and harvest too.

Click through for the full June checklist.