In Season in October: Tomatoes

20 10 2010

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They’re nearly all gone for the year now. If you’re growing them and you’ve got some still on the vine but they’re still very green, try cutting off the vine and hanging it up indoors somewhere, or putting them in a paper bag with a ripe banana!

Once they’re ripe, make the most of them with our recipes for Autumn Pancakes with Blue Cheese Sauce, Tomato and Roast Garlic Soup, or Homemade Tomato Sauce (which you could freeze to use later in the year when the tomatoes are gone).

Tomatoes Baked with Parmesan, Parsley & Garlic

This toasty tomato recipe from the Vista Veg cooperative might help use up the final few tomatoes – perhaps nestled into a basic risotto or on fresh, warm buttered bread? Mmm…


In Season in October: Peppers

18 10 2010


We’ve only really got one month left to enjoy British grown peppers and chillies, so best make the most of them. As well as trying our new and special feature recipe, don’t miss other VegBox favourites like Andrew Williams’ Spicy Vegetable Lasagne with Peppers, or our Baked Autumn Omelette which you can cram with as many seasonal veggies as you like!


Honest to Goodness’ Cinnamon Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

cinnamon roasted veg


We love how simple this is, and we love the cinnamon variation on roasting whatever’s in season. Thanks to our friends at “Honest to Goodness” for the recipe!

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In Season In October

11 10 2010

in season in october

October brings with it beautiful Autumn colours, the World Conker Championship (second Sunday), Apple Day (21st October), the end of British Summer Time (31st October), and Hallowe’en (also 31st October – don’t miss our top Eco-Hallowe’en Tips from last year, and our list of seasonal “paranormal party foods“).

The Saxons called the month Wyn Monath because it was the season of wine making, and it’s the central month for ripe English hot-house grapes. October 1st used to be the start of “English Pudding Season” (although this refers to savoury “puddings” filled with steak, leeks and mushrooms, rather than the kinds of puddings we personally prefer, like Treacle, for instance!).

As for fruit and veggies – don’t miss the last of the courgettes, figs, runner beans or Spring onions. And crack out the recipes for Brussels (they’re back!), celeriac and Jerusalem (f)artichokes (!) – all back in season from now.

Read on for the full list…

October Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Pumpkin

19 09 2009
who's for pie?!

who's for pie?!

British pumpkin season starts in October and ends at the end of December. And although pumpkins are inextricably associated with Hallowe’en (which is why we’re featuring them now), if they’re stored properly they will last for a few months. They can be cooked in savoury or sweet dishes, and are great in spicy dishes as well as with more traditionally English seasonings. Here’s your guide to storing plus a collection of six pumpkin recipes including, of course, pumpkin pie!!

October Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Globe Artichoke

15 09 2009
did shakespeare like this globe?

not shakespeare's globe

Not to be confused with Jerusalem artichokes (they are in no way related!) this high effort veggie is definitely delicious and worth the effort. Here is your essential guide on exactly how to prepare a globe artichoke, plus brand new recipes for you for “Globe Artichoke with Vinaigrette” and “Tuscan Fried Artichokes“. Have you ever cooked with fresh artichoke?

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October Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Leeks

15 09 2009
go for a leek!

go for a leek!

With a little help from our friends at the Leek Growers Association, here are some pointers on buying, preparing, freezing and cooking leeks, now coming into their prime here in the UK. And of course, we have some brand new recipes for you including an up-to-date take on a lunch time classic – Leek and Goats Cheese Rarebit. Read on…

October Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Swede

8 09 2009
five tasty swede meals

sweet swedes

I can’t quite believe that it’s been almost two years since we wrote about swede!

Well, as they are arriving in our kitchens soon, I thought we ought to put that straight.

Here are the usual buying, storing, preparing and cooking guidelines, plus three recipes courtesy of you lovely lot, two more recipes from us and a factoid about Second World War Swede Syndrome!