Food-in-the-Spotlight: Ethically-sourced Chicken

19 07 2010

would you eat them?

Following on from the June feature on ethical egg shopping, this month we’ve collaborated with the good folks over at Farm-Direct to bring you some thoughts about the chickens behind the eggs.

Since the start of VegBox Recipes, we’ve been focused almost exclusively (and unsurprisingly!) on supporting you to eat local, seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables.

However, not all of our readers are strict vegetarians or vegans. So whilst it’s still true that one of the best ways of reducing your household carbon footprint is to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, if we’re going to eat meat, poultry and fish, or cook it for others, the natural choice would seem to be swapping quantity (especially ‘worryingly cheap’ quantity), for quality.

Read on to find out how to know what you’re eating, and for recipes to try with your ethically-sourced chicken.

** thanks to our regular reader, Steve-in-KL, for the photo of his “ladies”!


What Earth Day Did For ME!

28 04 2009
with you, little spinaches, I will change the world...

with you, little spinaches, I will change the world...

Bless my cotton socks, but I thought I was going to go down in history as some kind of vegetable crusader. Remember the Earth Day Challenge I was preparing myself for?

Well, let’s just say it didn’t quite go as expected 😉

Was I pelted with copies of last week’s TV Times? Perhaps I was routinely ignored in a slightly sneering way by all and sundry… Or maybe there WEREN’T any passers-by to accost with smiles and spinach seedlings…

No. I can assure you it was worse. Or maybe that should be better? I’m still a little confused!

Read on over on ooffoo to find out what exactly became of my attempt to change my neighbourhood.

May’s Second “Veggie”-in-the-Spotlight: Strawberries

22 04 2009
four brand new recipes!

four brand new recipes!

Were strawberries used as face scrub or toothpaste?

Are they delicious simply with sugar or black pepper?

And are they a member of the lettuce or the rose family?

There are no prizes, but there ARE four brand new recipes for you, just in time for British strawberry season. Simply click through to read the full article over on our sister site, ooffoo.

And if you’re contemplating growing your own, here’s an extra bit of motivation for you…

Growing Our Own: Update 5 from the New VegBox Garden

21 04 2009

Announcing progress beyond my wildest dreams!

1. The VegBox Garden just got a WHOLE lot bigger.

2. The veggies already planted just got a whole lot bigger (and some are about to be eaten).

3. And the global Grow Your Own movement just got a whole lot bigger too.

PLUS I haven’t killed ANYthing now since March!

Read on over on to find out exactly what we’ve been up to, to compare notes, to offer your own advice (please!) and to access some other really useful online resources to help you along.

bigger bigger bigger!

bigger bigger bigger!

Are You Local?!

18 04 2009
it's so frustrating!

it's so frustrating!

Reading a recent blogpost on the Guardian website about “local” food being sold in supermarkets, I could feel a wave of frustration rising.

I try to keep it perky here on VBR, and yet it’s true that it’s not always easy sticking to the local, organic principles that VBR is all about.

Please have a read, over on our sister-site, and if you’ve got any additional comments, and any encouragement, I’d appreciate it!

A “snarf” of sarnies?

7 04 2009
whats your favourite?

what's your favourite?

I have no idea whether there really is a collective noun for sandwiches, but in my case, I think it would be a “snarf” (thanks to PVH for introducing me to this word!).

As in, if I see a plate full of sandwiches, I usually end up “snarfing” most of them myself.

May 10th-16th will be British Sandwich Week. In honour and in preparation, we’re using our sister-site,, to host an “ooffoo round of sandwiches“.

We’ve contributed three seasonally scrumptious sandwich recipes to the round-up, and are inviting everyone we know to submit their own favourites to the list. Really special recipes will be added to the VegBox Recipes database, with your names on them of course, and also to the ooffoo recipes listings.

So read on to check out our sarnie recipes and to share yours : )

What to do (on the veg-patch) in May …

1 04 2009
would you grow this?

would you grow this?

Thinning the spinach, successional sowing the lettuce for cut and come again, pinching out the broad beans, using manure for the squash, and planning for the brassicas …

All the things our mentors Tony, Ann and Red are telling us we need to be doing over the next couple of months…

But what ARE they?!

Join us over on our sister site,, as we share what we’re learning on the journey to home-grown food.