Food-in-the-Spotlight: Ethically-sourced Chicken

19 07 2010

would you eat them?

Following on from the June feature on ethical egg shopping, this month we’ve collaborated with the good folks over at Farm-Direct to bring you some thoughts about the chickens behind the eggs.

Since the start of VegBox Recipes, we’ve been focused almost exclusively (and unsurprisingly!) on supporting you to eat local, seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables.

However, not all of our readers are strict vegetarians or vegans. So whilst it’s still true that one of the best ways of reducing your household carbon footprint is to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, if we’re going to eat meat, poultry and fish, or cook it for others, the natural choice would seem to be swapping quantity (especially ‘worryingly cheap’ quantity), for quality.

Read on to find out how to know what you’re eating, and for recipes to try with your ethically-sourced chicken.

** thanks to our regular reader, Steve-in-KL, for the photo of his “ladies”!


Food-in-the-Spotlight: Free Range, Organic Eggs

26 05 2010

is free range enough?

This month, as well as focusing on the fruit and veg that’s in season, we wanted to get your input on eggs and what you prefer to buy.

It seems like buying free range was one of the first ethical supermarket choices available to us. These days, however, there is a nagging sense that “free range” is not enough.

Click through to find out what we’ve discovered about ethical egg eating, and for our scrumptious recipes for: