New Year Recipes For Vitality

14 01 2011

As 2011 begins, discover how to nourish the glow of beautiful skin, the radiance of clear eyes and expand your energy levels and fitness this year.

Begin the year by feeding your health with pure and natural dishes.  Delight your palate with delicious cooking that’s healthy too.

Can you really enjoy both yummy and healthy meals?

Anna Freedman, a qualified Macrobiotic Cook and Wholefood Coach from Wholefood Harmony, is passionate about inspiring health through delicious, natural cuisine. She believes in whole, unprocessed foods for their powerful benefits to health and mitigation against disease.

Wholefood Harmony offer cooking workshops, coaching sessions and personal cook services  to share the wisdom of natural food diets, rich in whole grains, pulses and local, seasonal vegetables with no fat, sugar or added preservatives.

Anna says that ‘the influence of season and the balance of pure ingredients, dishes and cooking styles are central to the art of our menu design.  I love creating menus made up of dishes and flavours that harmonise together beautifully bestowing pleasure, vitality and wellness on those enjoying our meals.”

Wholefood Harmony are running a ‘Healthy New Year’ Cooking Workshop series beginning 20th January.  Here you can learn to create dishes that delight your appetite and expand your health.  The series will allow you to discover how to integrate pure foods into busy schedules and make a healthy start on enjoying feeding your vitality this year.

The workshops include themed wholefood teaching, hands on cooking and they conclude with enjoyment of a full, three course meal comprising over seven different dishes.  Sessions are £40 each and take place close to Golders Green, North West London.


For more information please visit  You can contact Anna on 07957313187 or at

Healthy New Year Cooking Workshops

Thursday 20th January – Cooking for Men & Women6.30-930pm; Includes full balanced wholefoods meal that will delight both men and women.

Sunday 23rd January 2011 – New Year Recipes for Vitality10am-1.30pm; Discover ingredients for wellbeing and learn to create recipes to expand health this year. Includes full luncheon.

Wednesday 26th January 2011 – Naturally Fast Cuisine10am-1.30pm; Learn about nourishing yourself and others with delicious, natural dishes that you can prepare quickly. Includes full luncheon.



Funny Hurried Yummy Summer Honey Kohl Rabi Stir-Fry

16 06 2009
yours in 15 minutes!

yours in 15 minutes!

Last night’s dilemma:

We have 30 minutes before we have to leave the house.

We’re starving.

Cue “Flight of the Bumble-Bee” and chopping for my life…

It was stir fry time!

July’s Fourth Veggie-in-the-Spotlight: Runner Beans

15 06 2009

Late summer and early autumn are the classic “runner bean season”, although harvesting can start as early as June in some areas.

what to do with runner beans?

what to do with runner beans?

The season starts with fresh, young beans, with delicious, soft pods that simply need to be topped and tailed and briefly steamed. The season ends, however, with rather tough, stringy pods and oversized beans.

Chances are you’ll love your runner beans early in the season but might not be quite so keen by the end. Which is why we’ve recruited the talents of regular VBR reader, Steve in KL, to provide us with a solution for end-of-season bean fatigue 😉 Read on.

July’s First Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Plums

9 06 2009
he stuck in his thumb ...

he stuck in his thumb ...

Plums come into season in late July or early August in the UK, and stick around being bloomin’ delicious until the end of September to mid October. Here’s a simple guide to buying, storing, preparing and cooking them, including a new recipe for Plums Poached with Earl Grey, courtesy of our friends Abel & Cole. Enjoy!

June’s Third Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Raspberries

18 05 2009
are you relishing raspberries?

are you relishing raspberries?

This week, and to make sure we keep VegBox newsletter reader “Diana J” happy, the fruity spotlight is on raspberries, in readiness for their big entrance in June.

Click through to find out:

  • where the expression “blowing a raspberry” comes from;
  • what to avoid when you’re shopping for them; and
  • how to use them in savoury as well as sweet dishes.

Are you looking forward to raspberry season?

Be Nice to Nettles Week: and a recipe for Nettle Pesto!

12 05 2009
be nice to nettles!

be nice to nettles!

VegBox Recipes reader, Carol G, contacted me yesterday, after the May newsletter went out, to let me know that May also brings with it “Be Nice to Nettles Week” (13th – 24th May).

It would have been a crime to miss an event like this, when nettles can be found and foraged in abundance without costing us a penny. So here are some nettle factoids and, more importantly, Carol G’s recipe for Nettle Pesto.

Will you be giving it a go?

June’s First Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Apricot

6 05 2009

all about apricots

When they’re in season, how to store them and a brand new summer sorbet recipe

Plus why not to chew on the kernels, what on earth they’ve got to do with Henry VIII, and the (possibly!) secret to a long life!

Read on for an All-About-Apricots kind of an article!