July’s First Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Plums

9 06 2009
he stuck in his thumb ...

he stuck in his thumb ...

Plums come into season in late July or early August in the UK, and stick around being bloomin’ delicious until the end of September to mid October. Here’s a simple guide to buying, storing, preparing and cooking them, including a new recipe for Plums Poached with Earl Grey, courtesy of our friends Abel & Cole. Enjoy!


June’s Second Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Cherries

11 05 2009
poached cherry pavlova

click for matt's cherry recipe

Cherries are a short-lived summer treat, just like strawberries (and they’re delicious together, by the way!). They can be either sweet or sour, depending on the variety so check before you cook with them as you’ll need sugar for the sour ones (which make better jam).

Click through to ooffoo to find out what makes cherries so nutritionally valuable, and to access a sophisticated new cherry recipe that’s been provided for us from the gorgeous seasonal cook book “Matt Tebbutt Cooks Country“, courtesy of Mitchell Beazley and Octopus Publishing. Thanks, folks!