Fruit-in-the-Spotlight: Squashes

26 07 2010

squashes in the spotlight

We are close to declaring squashes our favourite of all the ingredients we write about. Maybe it’s the sheer variety of them in all their amazing ornamental shapes, sizes and colours. Maybe it’s their versatility for cooking savoury and sweet dishes with.

We also love that they all grow on plants from the Curcurbitacea family, and so are related to courgettes, cucumbers, melons and LOOFAHS (we don’t recommend eating these)!!!

Originally native to Central and North America, many varieties have since been bred to weather colder climes.

Their seasons vary according to type.

Here’s a quick guide to the differences between Summer and Winter squashes, with recipe compilations for each.




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8 08 2010

I wanted to put a comment on the Butternut squash and almond cake recipe, but the page seems to be lacking a link. It’s brilliant – both warm and chilled. It mades a luscious dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

9 08 2010
VegBox Recipes

Dear Irene –

Thank you so much for the feedback on the recipe.

You should be able to leave a comment at the bottom here:

We’re delighted you liked it, and yes I just bet with vanilla ice cream it was gorgeous!

Have a great week,

VegBox Recipes

22 09 2014
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