Out with the Old … in with the New… Potatoes

18 03 2009
new potatoes

new potatoes

The last of the stored potatoes were probably finished off in February, and we won’t be seeing the “big boys” of the potato world again now until late June. So it’s just as well that the newbies are starting to arrive and will be with us until the end of July : )


Best to get the mucky ones rather than the washed ones as the mud helps keep them fresh and blemish free.


If you eat organic, you probably don’t peel your taters anyway, but newbies are even lower maintenance, because you don’t even need to chop them before cooking. Just a quick wash and a plunge into boiling water and you’re cooking (groan).


If you keep them cool and shaded, they should last a few days after buying them. If you can resist them, that is!


And now it’s over to you…

What do you most like to do with new potatoes? Share your recipes here and we’ll get them added to the main database with your name on them. And do send us your photos … Always good for getting a lunch time tummy rumbling.

The VegBox Team




12 responses

21 03 2009

Although I could think of many recipes in which to use the fantastic new potato the best way is the simplest in my mind. Boiled and smothered with some butter!!


Keep up the good work!

1 04 2009
VegBox Recipes

Ryan, all I can say is “NYOM!”

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